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Social Evolution and Medicine

This program started in 2008 with a special grant from the Danish National Research Foundation to initiate evolution-inspired public health research. Research focuses on questions emanating from evolutionary insights in male-female and parent-offspring conflict and uses the national public health data bases of Denmark to test hypothesis on pregnancy induced hypertension, birth size variation predicting later risks of mental disease, and long-term effects of antibiotics prescriptions. 

Model System

  • Humans


  • Ca. 30 years of anonymized medical diagnoses of all Danish residents
  • Anonymized socio-economic variables spanning the same period
  • Scripts in R

Principal Investigator

Co-PI (Internal)

Jacobus (Koos) Boomsma


Michael Poulsen

Associate Professor

Co-PI (External)

Stephen C. Stearns


Yale University

Sean G. Byars


University of Melbourne

Jacob A. Lykke


Faculty of Health Science

PhD students


Birgitte Hollegaard