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Various ants, bees and termites are used as model organisms to answer fundamental questions about the evolution of sociality and the insect and microbial symbionts that coevolve with eusocial insect colonies, either as mutualist or parasites.

                                        Pathogenic fungi          Bacterial symbionts



Lycaenid butterflies

                                                                                           Pharaoh ants





                              Fungus-growing termites        Garden ants

Formica Wood ants

                                                                                          Large Blue butterflies





                                                                                     Symbiotic fungi

Myrmica ants          Fungus-growing ants

                                                                                                           Army ants


                                                         Pachycondyla ants



Megalomyrmex ants

                                                                                                Root aphids



                                      Honey bees
                                                                  Carpenter ants