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Functional Genomics

Research focuses on the gene interaction networks underlying (eu)social behavior and ontogenetic development in insects and vertebrates. We use genomics tools, wet-lab experiments and behavioral observations to understand how genes regulat the brain development processes that ultimately give rise to behavioral differences between members of colonies or less tightly integrated groups. We also develop transcriptomics, epigenomics and RNA-editomics tools to explore epigenetic regulation mechanisms of transcript activity in brains. 

The group also continues to apply comparative genomic tools to address classic questions of diversification, adaptation and speciation across a broad spectrum of organisms. See also our Genomics Biodiversity Group page for more info!

Principal Investigator

Co-PI (internal)

Guojie Zhang

Assistant Professor

Jacobus (Koos) Boomsma


Post Docs

Luigi Pontieri

Manuel Nagel

PhD students

Bitao Qiu

Lucie Adrienne Bergeron

Lab Manager

Rasmus S. Larsen

Academic Technician

MSc students

Lea Coleman

Former PhD students

Qiye Li

Cai Li